đŸ”´Change your Zoom background so folks see your vision and not the current reality behind you.

Working from home just got more acceptable and that may never change. The way you keep your house, however, is now open for everyone to see. Present your best self by controlling the background image. Convey where you are, what you do or where you wish you were… the reality may detract from your presentation. The whole thing is easier than you think! Take a look.
Green Screen Setup – http://amzn.to/2kTHZlL (I have had mine since 2017!)
Logitech 1080HD https://amzn.to/2JxQsJC (a Real workhorse 4 Yrs now!) This is not just a camera, but good software and a good microphone too. Others are just not the same level.
This is the microphone that I use everyday as a YouTuber https://amzn.to/39zNDma Not necessary but very nice.