Anderson Silva Fights UFC 200 Kodi

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Anderson Silva Fights UFC 200 Kodi


Anderson Silva and Dana White press conference as to how and why Anderson is taking over Jon Jones spot on UFC 200.

Anderson Silva will supplant Jon Jones at UFC 200, tackling light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier on two days’ notification.

One day after Jones evidently fizzled a doping test, the UFC chose to supplant him with one of the best warriors in blended hand to hand fighting history for the advancement’s greatest show of the late spring.

Meisha_tate_ufc_200_kodiThe 41-year-old Silva (33-7) ruled as the middleweight champion for almost seven years, yet he hasn’t earned a triumph in four battles since October 2012. He was hit with a doping suspension that refuted his exclusive win in that stretch, and he had surgery to expel his nerve bladder only seven weeks back, driving him to drop out of a planned battle in his local Brazil.

“I haven’t prepared in a couple of months, however I believe I’m in great condition to go in there and put on a decent battle,” a grinning Silva said through an interpreter at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Silva and Cormier will have a three-round, non-title session in the third opening on the five-battle pay-per-view card, UFC President Dana White said. In spite of the fact that Silva cases to be fit as a fiddle, he wasn’t prepared to acknowledge a five-round battle, the obliged length to battle for a title belt.

“Anderson is giving Daniel the chance to battle, to profit and to perform on UFC 200,” White said. “So if Anderson needs three rounds, if Anderson needs two rounds, he’ll get it.”

The UFC likewise changed the session request for the second time in 24 hours, advancing Miesha Tate’s bantamweight title battle against Amanda Nunes to the headliner.

Brock Lesnar’s rebound battle against Mark Hunt had been named the headliner instantly after Jones’ preclusion, however said it was “the proper thing to do” to give the prime spot to Tate and Nunes, who are in the main non-between time title session staying on the stacked card.

Silva acknowledges he is tolerating an overwhelming undertaking to venture in against Cormier, the UFC’s vaunted 205-pound champion. Cormier has just lost to Jones in his MMA vocation, and he is falling off a full preparing camp for what he thought would be the characterizing battle of his life.

“I must run a great deal,” Silva deadpanned, before rapidly saying to White: “I’m clowning, manager!”

Silva lost a choice to current middleweight champion Michael Bisping in his last session, which highlighted another measurement of the unusual quality that appears to take after Silva. He rashly praised thumping out Bisping amid the battle, yet the round had effectively finished.

White said veteran Dan Henderson and UFC 200 contender Gegard Mousasi additionally volunteered to battle Cormier. The UFC picked Silva, who could pass the majority of the fundamental therapeutic tests so as to be cleared by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

Globo, the UFC’s long-term Brazilian show accomplice, initially reported Silva would take the battle.

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